Art & Architecture

John Gaw Meem has long been considered New Mexico’s most important architect, but he is now recognized internationally for his contribution to 20th century architecture. Architects have visited from all over the world with the sole purpose of studying John Gaw Meem and the buildings of Los Poblanos specifically. His work at Los Poblanos is best summed up by James Moore, Former Director, the Albuquerque Museum:

Speaking from my background in art history, I would say that La Quinta is not only perhaps the most important structure in the North Valley, but is one of New Mexico’s invaluable treasures. John Gaw Meem is without question the quintessential New Mexico architect of the early and mid 20th century and…La Quinta is one of his most important, if not the most important, projects of his career in this state.

In addition to the architecture, Meem and the Simms contracted some of New Mexico’s leading artists and craftsmen of the period to create artwork for the building. There is a true fresco by Peter Hurd, carved doors and mantels by Gustave Baumann, tinwork by Robert Woodman, ironwork by Walter Gilbert, photography by Laura Gilpin and the landscape architecture by the famed Rose Greely.

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