Wellness Classes

Restore, Revive and Move

The Wellness Yurt at Los Poblanos is nestled in a quiet, forested area of the property and is a peaceful place to practice yoga and meditation. Allow our serene property to provide a peaceful background as you're guided through a practice.

Whether you’re joining us on the mat for the first time or have an established practice, all classes will be led by instructors with decades of experience and accessible regardless of your experience level. Surrounded by trees and natural beauty, take time to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and focus the mind. From reducing stress hormones to slowing mental aging, wellness classes are the perfect complement to spa treatments and restorative time spent on the farm. 

Private wellness classes are available upon request. Please contact the spa at (505) 308-3453 to inquire.

Ongoing Class Offerings

Gentle yoga

Focused on stretching and breathing, this slow-paced, steady, grounding class is suitable for all levels and great for beginners. Explore the fundamentals and uncover the unique benefits of individual poses with plenty of time to experience the stretch. Modifications are given to accommodate all levels to quiet the nervous system and cultivate an individual sense of well-being. Register online.

Flow and Restore yoga

Begin this all-levels class with a medium-paced vinyasa flow that connects individual poses with deep breaths in a series of flowing sequences of movement. Then, smoothly transition into a restorative practice and experience a state of total relaxation and release with a gentle poses designed to slow down and calm the mind. All levels are welcome to balance the mind and body, relieve tension, fatigue and anxiety, stretch deep fascia, increase flexibility and reach a meditative state. Register online.

Vinyasa yoga

An all-levels class with a medium-paced vinyasa flow that connects individual poses with deep breaths in a series of flowing sequences of movement. Designed to progressively open the body, each sequence becomes more demanding as the practice unfolds, with options given so you can easily adapt according to your ability. This practice grants increased flexibility, strength, stability and a sense of overall calm. Register online.


Our Pilates classes help develop posture, balance and flexibility with a focus on core strengthening. Join us for a series of classic Pilates mat exercises and modifications guided by the six key Pilates principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. With a heavy focus on form, the class ensures correct movements while still pushing your limits and building strength. Come to class prepared to sweat, laugh and leave feeling just a little bit taller. Register online.

Special Wellness Experiences


November 5th - 8th, 2023
Step away from your busy fall schedule, center yourself and prepare for the holiday season ahead with a yoga retreat at Los Poblanos. Nestled in a quiet, forested area of the property, classes are held in the Wellness Yurt, a peaceful place for group yoga classes guided by our expert instructors. Allow our serene property to provide a peaceful background as you connect with yourself and others, enjoy luxurious accommodations, fresh food and a treatment at the Hacienda Spa.
Learn more and register online.


Yoga Fundamentals 
Saturday, September 30th 12 - 2 PM 
Explore the foundations of yoga practice in our comprehensive Yoga Fundamentals Workshop.
Learn more and register online.

Crow Pose Workshop
Saturday, October 21st 12 - 2 PM 
In this focused and invigorating session, you will learn the techniques and strategies necessary to master the challenging Crow Pose, also known as Bakasana. 
Learn more and register online.

Standing Yoga Pose Workshop 
Saturday, November 18th 12 - 2 PM 

Elevate your yoga practice by grounding yourself with this Standing Yoga Pose Workshop. 
Learn more and register online.

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