Hacienda Spa

Experience our unique brand of well-being.

Inspired by a tile design by John Gaw Meem that reads Dedicada a La Vida Generosa, the Hacienda Spa completes the well-being experience at Los Poblanos and allows guests to experience the generous life in a new way. Just as our farmers recognize the delicate balance of sun, shade and careful pruning, our well-being philosophy embraces not only botanically-based spa treatments and wellness classes, but a delicate balance of all facets of optimal living to fully savor generous living. 

At Los Poblanos, we find the generous life not only centers around what we put into our bodies and minds, but what we fully embrace in our immediate environments. Enjoying a botanical cocktail on the Campo patio overlooking the herb beds and farm fields can be a deeply restorative experience. Treatments from the Hacienda Spa incorporate botanicals and our own lavender products, directly connecting guests with our regenerative farming practices while providing a true sense of relaxation. And a luxurious nap or contemplative walk through the property may be the most invigorating way to spend an afternoon.

A visit to Los Poblanos brings these rich, balanced concepts to life, with treatments from the Hacienda Spa, wellness classes and cultural programming, field-to-fork dining at Campo and luxurious guest rooms appointed with our artisan lavender products, all on our 25-acre organic farm. The many experiences available on the farm offer an opportunity to slow down and appreciate quiet moments in a serene and stunning environment, and we aim to give our guests a balanced sense of health and happiness.

spa hours

Monday – Thursday  |  9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Friday – Sunday  |  8:30 am – 6:00 pm

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Hacienda Spa at Los Poblanos