Our Team

Wes Brittenham, Farm & Landscape Manager
Wes grew up in Albuquerque and has over four decades of horticultural experience. From plant nurseries and flower shops, to residential and large commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance, his background is as diverse as gardens can be. He is a landscape designer and his work ranges from austere contemporary with Asian influences to wild natural gardens. He works with Native and Adaptive plants using elements of water harvesting and conservation, permaculture, edible and medicinal plants and plants for pollinators and wildlife habitat. He has always been a backyard farmer, growing vegetables, herbs and other plants that are appropriate for our southwestern environment. Here at Los Poblanos, he oversees all growing things, from the Historic Gardens to the newer more xeric and multi-functional landscapes, as well as the Kitchen Garden and our beloved fields of Lavender. As an artist and gardener, Wes is right at home with the history, culture, art and architecture that make Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm such a wonderful place to be.

Travis Jones, Lead Lavender Farmer
Travis hails from Juneau, Alaska where he developed his appreciation for organic gardening, community and environmental sustainability. He came to Los Poblanos in January of 2015 to work with Wholesale Lavender. When spring arrived, he moved out into the fields to learn all there is to know about farming and growing lavender in the hot, dry New Mexican climate. His experience, knowledge and ability to adapt and learn quickly make him an integral part of the Los Poblanos family.

Judy Hartline, Lead Produce Farmer
Judy was born and raised in Albuquerque’s North Valley, and began farming ten years ago at a locally-owned farm in Corrales. At that farm she learned the basics of organic and sustainable growing practices that she utilizes to this day. Judy oversees and is involved with all of the planning, seeding, transplanting, planting and harvesting of the vegetables, herbs and fruits grown on the farm and on the property. Her knowledge of holistic growing practices has improved and increased over the years as she has worked on other farms learning from many skilled and knowledgeable farmers in the area before joining the Los Poblanos team. Her focus at Los Poblanos is not only to provide fresh, delicious food to the restaurant, but to also contribute to, and advocate for the local food economy.