The Farm Shop

Enter through our Farm Foods Market and be greeted by the whirring espresso machine, a counter overflowing with pastries and shelves of artisan foods. From our own Farm Foods collection of salts, herb blends and pantry staples to our favorite snacks and spreads, discover a new favorite culinary treat. Round the corner for our Los Poblanos artisan lavender product collection. The rest of the shop is filled with locally sourced items from makers and artisans who have truly mastered their craft. From cocktail bitters and barware to out-of-print books and cookware, the Farm Shop is brimming with gorgeous gifts to discover. 

4803 Rio Grande Blvd. NW,
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 938-2192 

Farm Shop
Daily  |  9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Farm Foods Counter
Daily  |  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Artisan Lavender Products

Los Poblanos artisan lavender products

Straight from our fields and crafted with care in small batches, Los Poblanos artisan lavender products have a strong sense of place. Directly from the land of New Mexico, each product carries the story of our family-run organic lavender farm and historic boutique inn. With a distinctly southwestern terroir, our organic lavender soaks up the sun and wind of the New Mexican high desert and the Rio Grande waters flowing through our acequia canals. When the conditions are just right - usually in mid-July - our farm team begins the annual lavender harvest. We harvest early in the morning as the flowers are partially, but not completely, in bloom so we capture their peak oil content. Then it's off to be tied and dried in bundles, then packed into one of our handcrafted Portuguese copper stills to be transformed into the pure essential oil that ends up in our signature line of artisan lavender products. We grow lavender to preserve the region's rich agricultural heritage, to protect beautiful open space from development, and to provide local farmers with an honest day's work. 

Farm Foods Market

Los Poblanos Farm Foods

While many Farm Foods dry goods are available online, it takes a visit to fully experience our curated selection of pantry food items, many of which are made in-house. Peruse the Los Poblanos salt and spice collection, lavender honey, crackers and olives, condiments and oils, kitchen tools, cookbooks, coffee and tea, assorted bread and pastry items from the Campo kitchen and a deli case filled with artisan cheeses, house-cured meats, local pickles and our signature lavender lemonades. Whether you're an Inn guest putting together a picnic spread to enjoy on the farm, or a neighbor stopping by for accouterments to entertain friends, the Farm Foods Market is stocked with culinary staples and little luxuries for any occasion.

From our Bakery

Our bakery team has mastered the art and science of the perfect loaf. Located inside the kitchen at Campo, the bakery team crafts fresh, small-batch artisan offerings for the Farm Shop and Campo every day, from breads and pastries to decadent desserts and cookies. Embracing a local and seasonal ethos, the entire culinary program at Los Poblanos maintains relationships with local farmers and producers while also utilizing ingredients from our own farm. Our bread is baked using a European steam-injected oven which gives our French baguettes a perfectly thin, crispy crust. These beauties hit the Farm Foods bread shelves daily, still warm and ready for a smear of sweet butter and a dollop of our Green Chile Jam. Discover a range of breads, from green chile sourdough to blue corn polenta, or pick up a flaky croissant or gluten free muffin, all at the Farm Shop.

From our Butchery

Los Poblanos Butchery

The butchery initiative at Los Poblanos has developed into a whole-animal operation sourced from local, family-run farms and supplies the entire culinary program with cuts of meat, house-made sausages and artisan charcuterie. This development has allowed the culinary model to expand upon longstanding and meaningful relationships with local farmers while adding an enhanced level of craft here at the farm. Dedication to quality begins with the meat itself, and everything you'll find in our butchery is humanely raised, sustainably harvested, and without fillers, antibiotics or hormones. Our four-pack of signature, frozen sausages incorporate fresh, local ingredients and are brilliant when paired with our French baguette as a bun. 

From our Community

Los Poblanos Farm Shop

Supporting other makers and craftsmen is at the heart of our mission, and the Farm Shop represents the work of many outstanding artists and creatives in the Los Poblanos community. We are extremely proud of the friendships and relationships we have fostered over the years, many of which have resulted in unique collaborations with talented artisans and makers both in our local community and abroad. Whether we're working with this creative community to create custom products, featuring innovative sellers or highlighting a new, exciting artist that we want to introduce to you, we love cultivating meaningful, long-term relationships and consider our makers part of the extended Los Poblanos family.