Wellness and Yoga Retreats

Los Poblanos retreats are guided by the seasons and grounded in the rhythm of planting, growth and harvest. Each season offers unique opportunities for respite with immersive retreats that invite you to experience the beauty and abundance of the farm.

Our wellness philosophy is built around la vida generosa, or the generous life, embodied in the decorative tile designed by the famed New Mexico architect, John Gaw Meem, for the farm in 1934. Just as our farmers recognize the delicate balance of sun, shade and careful pruning, our retreats embrace the restorative qualities of nature alongside luxurious hospitality, award-winning cuisine and guided wellness classes.   


Lavender Wellness Retreat

July 9-12, 2024

A holistic retreat designed to enrich physical, mental, social well-being and support personal growth. From summertime skincare to guided sound healing and immersive experiences on our lavender farm, you will come away refreshed and equipped with new ways to incorporate wellness into your daily life.


Harvest Retreat

September 10-13, 2024

Join us in celebrating the peak of the farm harvest season with an immersive, behind-the-scenes experience of our organic farm and Rio Grande Valley Cuisine.

Fall Yoga Retreat

November 3-6, 2024 

Gather with a small group of like-minded yogis at our Fall Yoga Retreat, the perfect opportunity to create space for gratitude and reflect on this transitional moment before the holiday season. 


Wine Retreat

December 6-9, 2024

Join us for our inaugural Los Poblanos Wine Retreat. This experience, led by Director of Wine & Sprits Dylan Storment, will feature guest sommeliers and winemakers leading sessions on the craft of viticulture and art of wine tasting. From local New Mexican wines – made in some of North America’s oldest wine-producing regions – to fine wines from around the globe, this retreat will awaken your palate and inspire a deeper interest in the world of wine. Interactive retreat sessions will include guided tastings, pairing seminars and lively discussions about the history and future of winemaking.

Available year-round

La Vida Generosa

Create your own retreat with our most abundant package honoring la vida generosa, or the generous life, with our favorite collection of offerings that celebrate the bounty, beauty and flavors of the farm. Turn down our tree-lined drive, take a deep breath of high-desert air and let us take care of the rest.

This package is available year-round and includes:

  • A three-night stay at the Inn 
  • Daily brunch for two at Campo including the full menu and drinks of choice 
  • Afternoon Tea for two at La Quinta or drinks and appetizers for two at Town and Ranch 
  • One multi-course chef’s tasting dinner with sommelier selected wine-pairings
  • One dinner at Campo for two including beer, wine and cocktails
  • Two 80-minute treatments at the Hacienda Spa 
  • A generous selection of our artisan product collection