Farewell Dinner, artist Stella Ebner

Tamarind Institute Tours (lodging guests only)

Lodging guests are invited to join one of our exclusive behind-the-scenes tours at the Tamarind Institute this summer. Meet at the Front Desk to take a short shuttle ride to the Tamarind Institute. Guests will be guided through the gallery space and have the chance to view the lithography workshop area where visiting artists from around the world collaborate with master printmakers to create fine art lithography prints.

The tour will last approximately two hours including shuttle time and is free to inn guests. Advanced registration is required.

Artwork pictured: Farewell Dinner, 2017, twelve-color lithograph by Stella Ebner.


Tamarind Institute

Located at 2500 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque.
Please meet at the Inn Front Desk promptly at 1 PM for our complimentary shuttle service.

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