…a sensible, environmentally sensitive, historically relevant approach to wise use and conservation of what is one of the metropolitan Albuquerque’s most historically significant properties.”

Martha Egan, NM Author and Owner, Pachamama Gallery, Santa Fe

Los Poblanos is also an experimental farm, and one that is an inspiration to all the farmers in this rich fertile valley which has been farmed for 300 years…”

Laura Gilpin, 1937 (Country Life Magazine)

"One could spend a lifetime at Los Poblanos and never fall out of love."”

Su Casa Magazine

…a tremendous opportunity to create a great resource for future generations… …we believe this building should be carefully maintained and opened to the public…as historians and preservationists we support the effort of Armin and Penny Rembe.”

Ann Carson, Former President, Albuquerque Historical Society

This is the ultimate in rest and luxury.”

Roberta Williamson, Regular Inn Guest

Nestled among century-old cottonwoods, this bed-and-breakfast provides one of the state’s richest country living experiences.”

Frommers Travel Guide

I can’t imagine a worthier use of Los Poblanos than to open it to the few and respectful visitors who will take away from their visit a greater understanding of New Mexico.”

Richard Peck, President (1990-1998), University of New Mexico

Los Poblanos may be the purest paradigm of agri-tourism in the Southwest… everything farmed here is incorporated into the lodging business.”

Edible Magazine

La Quinta was meant to be a public place. To restore it to its intended social use is a great public good.”

The late George Clayton Pearl, famed New Mexico architect

Our Los Poblanos weekend wedding was the perfect way for us to celebrate our love and start our married life… There is something magic about Los Poblanos – there is more ‘heart’ there than almost any other place I have ever been.”

Fay Abrams, Regular Guest and Albuquerque Resident

I would like to try to impress upon you the joy that I felt in seeing what you are doing in around her (Ruth Hanna’s) last effort in life. She would approve of every step. I approve of every step and deeply appreciate your imaginative toils to this end.”

Letter to Armin & Penny Rembe from Katrina McCormick Barnes, Daughter of Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms

Every detail of the property has been meticulously and carefully managed in a successful effort to make their guests have a genuine sense of the old world. Sitting on the patio for breakfast with a huge cup of coffee and homemade, produce that comes straight from the garden is a delicious way to start the day, can you imagine yellow beet hash and eggs that have been harvested and gathered an hour before you sat down? Welcome to Los Poblanos.”

Elizabeth Keller, Regular Guest

Los Poblanos is certainly a jewel in the crown of houses my father designed. Perhaps the best part of my visit was to see how much you both love and care for the place. It feels very close to the way it must have been when Albert and Ruth moved there in the early thirties – only nicer.”

Letter to Armin & Penny Rembe from Nancy Meem Wirth, Daughter of John Gaw Meem, Architect of Los Poblanos

It is entirely possible to have a public retreat without disturbing the natural grace and rural integrity of the surrounding area…the Rembes have the cultural and environmental wisdom to make this a place of beauty…”

Jane Abrams, Artist and Village Resident

Los Poblanos is the most beautiful place I know in the state. It’s an oasis right there in the middle of Albuquerque.”

Rick Scibelli, New Mexico Photographer