Banquet Houseman

Position Summary & Overview

The position is dedicated to offering first-class service to our guests. The Banquet Houseman is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of any banquet rooms, hallways, storage and any service area. Must routinely inventory and care for banquet supplies such as linens, chairs, tables, china, glassware, flatware, decorations and equipment. Banquet Houseman ensure that all elements of a venue are ready before guest arrive.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Act as an ambassador and representative for the property, the Village of Los Ranchos and Albuquerque. Maintain knowledge of the property, products and service available throughout the business.
  • Responsible for the setup of the banquet room per the specification of the event resume, and the re-set of the room to its original state after the event is concluded.
  • Set up, serve and clean up all receptions and all areas of banquet events while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction from beginning to end.
  • Transport tables, chairs and equipment where needed.
  • Assemble equipment, podiums and other structures and assist audio-visual personnel in setting up speaker and monitors, food preparation activities and service standards.
  • Assist banquet servers, including transporting food, beverages, decorations and equipment to a different location.
  • Ensure dining tables, food, beverages, bathrooms and staff are ready prior to event.
  • Responsible for making the event space visually appealing throughout the event.
  • Be familiar with all current and upcoming event details.
  • Maintain the proper usage and good working order of all equipment – lighting, music, audiovisual, special decorating requests and responsible for the overall sanitation and cleanliness of all work areas.
  • Oversee the cleanup, inventory and storage of supplies and equipment.
  • Responsible for monthly inventory and operating equipment for each assigned event.
  • Provide requested information to management.
  • Report maintenance issues.
  • Engage in duties related to the position even if they are not routine.

Essential Job Functions

  • Drive trucks or other vehicles to or at work sites
  • Remove snow.
  • Clean facilities or sites.
  • Monitor building premises to ensure occupant or visitor safety.
  • Clean building walls or flooring.
  • Dispose of trash or waste materials.
  • Clean equipment or supplies.
  • Clean furniture or fixtures.
  • Confer with coworkers to coordinate maintenance or cleaning activities.
  • Move furniture.
  • Decorate indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Maintain equipment or systems to ensure proper functioning.
  • Clean food service areas.
  • Clean tableware.
  • Collect dirty dishes or other tableware.
  • Serve food or beverages.
  • Stock serving stations or dining areas with food or supplies.
  • Store supplies or goods in kitchens or storage areas.


  • Food Handler and Beverage service certification.
  • Knowledge of the appropriate table settings and service ware.
  • Energy, enthusiasm, excellent customer service, decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Able to communicate clearly in and possess a good command of verbal and written English.
  • Must be comfortable working closely with kitchen staff and specific tasks.
  • Ability to serve, bartend and wash dishes if necessary.
  • Ability to think on your feet and under pressure while maintaining a positive outlook and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work as part of a small team and independently and use initiative.
  • Must display a professional appearance and attitude.
  • Some knowledge of MS Office Software (Excel/PowerPoint/Word/Outlook).
  • Ability to grasp, lift, carry, or otherwise transport up to 50 lbs. through a crowded room.
  • Ability to move or push goods on a hand cart/truck weighing a maximum of 200lbs.
  • Able to work long hours, depending on business and scheduled events. Flexibility to work AM or PM shift, as needed. Must be available to work weekend and holidays.


  • A genuine interest and understanding in food and drink – wine knowledge is a plus.
  • Interest in organic farming, agriculture, art and architecture is a plus.

This job description is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of all job functions that an employee in this position may be asked to perform from time to time.

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