Announcing the Hacienda Spa

hacienda courtyard

Hacienda Spa at Los Poblanos

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our Hacienda Spa on July 1. Inspired by a tile design by John Gaw Meem that reads Dedicada a La Vida Generosa, we are overjoyed to further enrich our unique brand of well-being, the "Generous Life." Surrounded by astonishing natural beauty, our guests have craved spa experiences on our property for years. The Hacienda Spa offers a new way for visitors and locals alike to relax and connect with well-being at Los Poblanos.

hacienda spa bathroom

Housed in the historic Hacienda, one of John Gaw Meem's residential masterpieces, the Hacienda Spa provides a singular experience. The intimacy of the space combined with distinct architectural and design elements craft an environment that explores the senses - sight, smell, touch and sound. In the summertime, guests will lounge around the central courtyard in between treatments, listening to the bubbling fountain and chirping birds among fragrant native plants while relaxing in the shade of the deep portals. Come winter, the rustic elegance of the Spanish Colonial architecture and breathtaking indoor lounges will set the stage for a restorative, immersive experience, while glistening fountain tiles provide color and texture to the courtyard throughout the seasons. No matter the time of year, the serenity of the distinct space envelops guests with a deep sense of serenity.

hacienda spa lounge

Informed by the elements of nature, the unique treatments and elegant space work harmoniously to provide the ultimate immersive experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Like everything else at Los Poblanos, spa treatments are inextricably connected with the farm. The treatment menu focuses on massage therapies and facials, pairing botanically based, professional skin care lines with our Los Poblanos artisan lavender product line and other botanicals sourced from the property. To achieve a richly personalized and deeply relaxing treatment, our highly skilled therapists will customize therapies according to needs and concerns of our guests. To further enrich the spa experience, yoga classes will soon be held in a new Wellness Yurt that's being constructed in a quiet, forested corner of the property. All spa services and classes have been thoughtfully designed with the health, comfort and safety of both guests and employees at top of mind.

The Hacienda Spa is the last piece in the complete Los Poblanos well-being experience. Plan a visit and enjoy luxurious guest rooms, birdwatching, field-to-fork dining at Campo, cycling down the Bosque Trail, and now, botanical spa treatments. Soon, Hacienda Spa reservations may be made online, but for now please call 505-308-3453 to reserve.

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