Introducing Campo

Campo at Los Poblanos

We are pleased to announce the opening of breakfast and dinner service at Campo, our new restaurant located in the newly-restored dairy buildings at Los Poblanos. Meaning “field” in Spanish, Campo is the perfect name this new venture. With Executive Chef Jonathan Perno at the helm, Campo is the most authentic field-to-fork dining experience in the city. We would like to take this opportunity to invite friends, family, guests, and colleagues to come experience two new fire-centric menus while dining amidst the fields of the Rio Grande River Valley.

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Dairy Barn Restoration

Silos at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Ever since Penny and Armin opened up their home as a 6-room bed and breakfast over 15 years ago, Los Poblanos has experienced  steady, measured growth. Much like the stone fruit trees in our orchard, Los Poblanos, as a business, has spent its early life setting deep roots in the community and growing its proverbial branches – Historic Inn, Events, Organic Farm, Lavender Products, and Farm Shop. Those years of hard work, perseverance, and nurturing have laid a strong foundation for what will surely be our most fruitful stage of growth yet. We are currently in the process of renovating the historic dairy barns (once home to the dairy co-op that would become Creamland Dairies) into a brand new space which will include a field-to-fork restaurant, artisan bar, small-batch bakery, as well as a new home for the Farm Shop. The north pasture, which has been largely unused until now, will soon be home to 28 new guest rooms overlooking five acres of newly planted fields and gardens. Once finished, these rooms will boast sweeping views of the Rio Grande River Valley and the majestic Sandia Mountains. Their style is in the vocabulary of the historic dairy buildings.

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The Legacy of John Gaw Meem

Architect John Gaw MeemArchitect John Gaw Meem

Many unique elements come together to make Los Poblanos into the captivating property that it is. The people, the agriculture, the land, and the history all shape the story-book setting of Los Poblanos; but perhaps the most distinctive feature is the architecture. Most notably the Historic Inn and La Quinta buildings designed by the legendary Southwestern architect John Gaw Meem.

Meem revolutionized architecture in the southwest by mixing progressive elements with well-known regional architectural styles. His understanding of natural elements along with stylistic inspiration built an internationally recognized aesthetic and functionality. The full courtyard ranch house, Los Poblanos Inn, and the entertainment building, La Quinta, are now home to our historic inn rooms and event center respectively. The elements in these spaces were designed by Meem to create both an elegant and nostalgic experience.

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Who Is Los Poblanos?

Los Poblanos Silos at sunset - Photo by Josh Hailey

Los Poblanos has been a part of the New Mexican landscape for as long as almost anybody can remember. From it’s time in the 1930s as an 800-acre ranch owned by the Congressman, Albert Simms, and his wife, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms to it’s life today as a historic inn and organic farm proudly producing its own artisan lavender products and Rio Grande Valley cuisine. Throughout it’s 80-year history, Los Poblanos has worked its way into the hearts and minds of every person who has ever strolled the grounds, spent the night, or come to celebrate. Su Casa Magazine captured it best when they said, “one could spend a lifetime at Los Poblanos and never fall out of love.” We wholeheartedly agree and it is our greatest pleasure to be able to share this special place with our guests and visitors.

On a Mission

As both a family and a community, we seek to preserve the historic Los Poblanos Ranch by cultivating a dynamic business dedicated to sustainable agriculture, hospitality, historic preservation, and community. Under the stewardship of Executive Director Matt Rembe, the business has grown in fulfillment of that mission. We have built up our historic inn from six guest rooms to twenty-two, which also houses our field-to-fork restaurant that specializes in Rio Grande Valley cuisine; created a line of small-batch, hand-crafted farm foods and spa products using our own farm-grown lavender and herbs; opened the brick-and-mortar Farm Shop store to sell our products along with a thoughtfully curated selection of other local and artisan goods; our events staff have made Los Poblanos into a must-have venue for weddings, meetings, and celebrations of all kinds; and finally, our dedicated team of farmers have thoughtfully transformed the surrounding fields into a fully organic farm that produces our signature lavender as well as fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs for our restaurant and private event kitchens.

The next phase of growth for us will be the renovation of our historic dairy barns (the original home of the dairy co-op that started New Mexico’s own Creamland Dairies). The barns are set to include a new restaurant, bar, small-batch bakery, Farm Shop, and lavender production space. Additionally, we will add 26 new rooms to our Inn that will look out over our fields and the majestic Sandia Mountains. We are beyond excited to be able to restore part of our historic property and to be able to once again share it with the community.

For those who would like to experience first-hand all that we do here we invite you to take a look at our events calendar, where we have listed all of our upcoming Lavender Labs events (workshops, dining, demos, and more!) as well as other fun goings on around the property. Come for a class or stay for the weekend – either way we’d love to see you all down at the farm!

For a glimpse into the magic of Los Poblanos turn the volume up and take a look at this wonderful short film by Cottage Eight Films:

Credits: Silo photo by Josh Hailey. Video by Cottage Eight Films.