Introducing Campo

Campo at Los Poblanos

We are pleased to announce the opening of breakfast and dinner service at Campo, our new restaurant located in the newly-restored dairy buildings at Los Poblanos. Meaning “field” in Spanish, Campo is the perfect name this new venture. With Executive Chef Jonathan Perno at the helm, Campo is the most authentic field-to-fork dining experience in the city. We would like to take this opportunity to invite friends, family, guests, and colleagues to come experience two new fire-centric menus while dining amidst the fields of the Rio Grande River Valley.

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Spring Field Notes

Onions and leeks that were planted earlier are almost ready for spring harvest. Onions and leeks that were planted earlier are almost ready for spring harvest.

<p>This past winter was a mild one, even by temperate New Mexico standards, and it looks as though spring will be no different. With temperatures already in the high 70s, the farm is in full-bloom mode and we couldn&rsquo;t be happier about it. &nbsp;All across the property, stone fruit trees, daffodils, hyacinth, and irises are showing off their colors, proving that there&rsquo;s nothing quite as magical as springtime on the farm.</p>

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Winter on the Farm

Overwintering leeks and rye in the kitchen gardens and fields.Overwintering leeks and rye in the kitchen gardens and fields.

The winter months may seem like a dormant time of year on the farm, but below the surface there’s frenzy of activity taking place. While we’re rushing to get gifts bought and wrapped, the farmers are toiling away tending fields of winter rye (one of the best overwintering crops), carefully tending to thousands of lavender starts, and mapping out next season’s planting patterns.

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Festive Farm Shop

Festive Farm Shop

There’s an air of excitement on the farm as the winter holidays grow ever nearer. Trees sparkling with lights and mantels hung with garlands are stirring our festive spirits. But nowhere is quite as holly-jolly as over at the Farm Shop, where our third greenhouse room has just opened to the public. Packed to the rafters with tree trimmings, unique little stocking stuffers, and authentic folk art decor, it’s the place to be for holiday cheer. Stop by the Farm Shop where our wonderful staff is waiting to help you pick out the perfect gifts for everyone on you list (yourself included!).

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Blackberry Buckle

Los Poblanos Blackberry Buckle

All across the farm, we have little blackberry brambles tucked here and there between the heirloom roses, fruit trees, figs, and wisteria vines. For most of the year they go relatively unnoticed compared to their flashier, more prominent counterparts, but come July and August when the berries start shifting from vibrant crimson to lovely deep, dark blue-violet, the blackberries become the star of the show. Often, in the early mornings, our pastry team can be found in the gardens harvesting the ripest berries for use in the kitchens. They stand out, attired in their crisp chef whites.

This week we are sharing Chef Perno’s recipe for Blackberry Buckle, a celebratory little summer dessert that highlights the bright, beautiful flavor of one of our favorite summer berries. Though they are a unique type of pastry, buckles are often compared to coffee cakes and crumbles because of their cake-like texture and sweet streusel top. Traditionally they are made with blueberries, but since we grow such wonderful blackberries right here in the Rio Grande River Valley, it seemed only appropriate to adapt this recipe to include them.

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Field Notes from the Farmers

Beautiful organic lettuce growing in our kitchen gardens.Beautiful organic lettuce growing in our kitchen gardens.

The fields at Los Poblanos are always in flux, changing and evolving with the seasons. Although we can plan as much as we want, ultimately the plants, the rain, and the sun will do just as they please. It is the job of our farmers to work with the whims of nature, adapting the plan as they go, in order to keep the farm alive, well, and productive. Each new season we like to check in with the farm team and see how they’re doing. These are the field notes from Farmer Travis and his team about what is changing, happening, and growing out there on the farm this summer:

Welcome to summer I hope everyone enjoyed the solstice! Here at Los Poblanos we have been trying to stay cool while harvesting garlic, radish, turnips, herbs, and greens for the kitchens. Coming soon to those kitchens will be onions, fava beans, carrots, kohlrabi, rutabaga, blue corn, and four types of tomatoes. Watermelon, cucumber, okra, and four types of winter squash have just been planted for late summer and fall harvest.  Additionally, we have started an herb bed in the greenhouse and look forward to harvesting them all year round.

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Chilled Cucumber Soup

Los Poblanos Chilled Cucumber Soup

When asked about the inspiration behind this recipe, Chef had only one word: “summer!” – So there you have it, this dish is summer!

Two of the main tenants of Rio Grande Valley Cuisine are freshness and seasonality. Well, nothing is fresher or more seasonal than cucumbers in the summer time. Today we’re sharing our recipe for chilled cucumber soup using some sun-loving organic cucumbers from our own gardens. Bright and refreshing with a subtle complexity (thanks to some amazingly fresh herbs), this delectable soup offers a perfect respite from that hot summer sun. This is a two-day recipe (though it does most of the work itself overnight), but trust us it is worth the wait! The beauty of a recipe like this is that you can easily make it on a weekend and then leave it in the refrigerator so it’s ready whenever you need a quick lunch, snack, or even second breakfast.

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Who Is Los Poblanos?

Los Poblanos Silos at sunset - Photo by Josh Hailey

Los Poblanos has been a part of the New Mexican landscape for as long as almost anybody can remember. From it’s time in the 1930s as an 800-acre ranch owned by the Congressman, Albert Simms, and his wife, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms to it’s life today as a historic inn and organic farm proudly producing its own artisan lavender products and Rio Grande Valley cuisine. Throughout it’s 80-year history, Los Poblanos has worked its way into the hearts and minds of every person who has ever strolled the grounds, spent the night, or come to celebrate. Su Casa Magazine captured it best when they said, “one could spend a lifetime at Los Poblanos and never fall out of love.” We wholeheartedly agree and it is our greatest pleasure to be able to share this special place with our guests and visitors.

On a Mission

As both a family and a community, we seek to preserve the historic Los Poblanos Ranch by cultivating a dynamic business dedicated to sustainable agriculture, hospitality, historic preservation, and community. Under the stewardship of Executive Director Matt Rembe, the business has grown in fulfillment of that mission. We have built up our historic inn from six guest rooms to twenty-two, which also houses our field-to-fork restaurant that specializes in Rio Grande Valley cuisine; created a line of small-batch, hand-crafted farm foods and spa products using our own farm-grown lavender and herbs; opened the brick-and-mortar Farm Shop store to sell our products along with a thoughtfully curated selection of other local and artisan goods; our events staff have made Los Poblanos into a must-have venue for weddings, meetings, and celebrations of all kinds; and finally, our dedicated team of farmers have thoughtfully transformed the surrounding fields into a fully organic farm that produces our signature lavender as well as fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs for our restaurant and private event kitchens.

The next phase of growth for us will be the renovation of our historic dairy barns (the original home of the dairy co-op that started New Mexico’s own Creamland Dairies). The barns are set to include a new restaurant, bar, small-batch bakery, Farm Shop, and lavender production space. Additionally, we will add 26 new rooms to our Inn that will look out over our fields and the majestic Sandia Mountains. We are beyond excited to be able to restore part of our historic property and to be able to once again share it with the community.

For those who would like to experience first-hand all that we do here we invite you to take a look at our events calendar, where we have listed all of our upcoming Lavender Labs events (workshops, dining, demos, and more!) as well as other fun goings on around the property. Come for a class or stay for the weekend – either way we’d love to see you all down at the farm!

For a glimpse into the magic of Los Poblanos turn the volume up and take a look at this wonderful short film by Cottage Eight Films:

Credits: Silo photo by Josh Hailey. Video by Cottage Eight Films.