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Experience Winter at the Spa

spa Sala lounge

In New Mexico, the days are getting shorter and cooler weather is setting in. The winter season is upon us. As our daily routines subtly shift with the weather, our skincare routines should do the same. Our seasonal facials change every few months and are thoughtfully crafted with our climate and seasonal habits in mind. 

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Spend this Winter on the Farm

treelined driveway of Los Poblanos

From the first deep breath of refreshing high desert air on a crisp, sunny morning to the scent of piñon wood burning in fireplaces and chimeneas across our property, the winter season at Los Poblanos is nothing short of magical. Just ask our many repeat visitors: there's something indescribable, but utterly enchanting, about Los Poblanos this time of year. With restorative spa treatments, organic field-to-fork menus, plenty of activities and 25 acres to explore, it's easy to spend several days on the farm without ever turning on your car.

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Product Highlight: Handmade Bar Soaps

our line of handmade bar soaps

The Los Poblanos Handmade Soap Collection features unique scent combinations inspired by the land and culture of New Mexico. Each handmade, cold pressed soap has an all-natural, moisturizing base recipe, which has been developed and tested over the past ten years to provide a perfectly mild and nourishing experience. All of our bar soaps are made with all-natural high quality ingredients and essential oils. We never use palm oil or preservatives. Each bar is cured for at least three weeks to ensure it holds its shape and lasts as long as possible. Our five signature soaps highlight the many botanicals of the farm and are hand cut and cured in our production warehouse just a few miles from our lavender fields.

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Lavender, Meet Mint

new lavender mint amenity line

Over the past few years, we have seen the love for our Lavender Peppermint Cleansing Shampoo, Conditioning Créme and Lip Balm grow. Knowing you've loved this scent combination, we are thrilled to announce we've grown our all-natural Lavender Peppermint collection to now include Body Wash and Lotion. Lavender is historically known for its naturally occurring antiseptic and healing properties while peppermint is known to uplift and cool.

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Product Highlight: Lavender Lotion

lavender lotion bottles

Luxurious Hydration at home or on the go

With summer coming to a close and a new season approaching, our skin can feel dry, tight and dehydrated. Our Lavender Lotion is the perfect solution to bring your skin back to life. 

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Product Highlight: Facial Toner and Skin Care Oil

toner and skincare oil

The perfect combination for healthy and hydrated skin

As we cultivate a space for our guests to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature, wellness is at the center of the work we do at Los Poblanos. As our business evolves, skincare has become an integral piece of our brand. Our Organic Lavender Facial Toner and Organic Lavender Skin Care Oil, used separately, or together, are a great way to provide yourself with a piece of the Los Poblanos well-being experience by giving you the ability to deeply care for your skin in an easy and accessible way. 

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Our Distillation Process

copper lavender stills

Angel's share. Angel's breath. This is what the first delicate puff of lavender essence is called as it rises in a misty, miniature cloud from the spout of the condenser, at the end port of the copper alembic distillation still. This initial puff contains essential oil, hydrosol and the heady aroma of our organic Grosso Lavender fields. 

Hand-harvested in the early morning, our farmers deliver lavender to the distillation hut, where our distillers load the precious plant material into the base and column of the still. The rounded lower portion is filled with fresh well water and heated to the boiling point where the resulting steam pulls the oils and moisture from the lavender. As it is volatilized, the heat and pressure push it up into the swan neck - the graceful copper tube that connects the pointed dome of the still to the barrel of the condenser. 

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Product Highlight: Herbal Bug Repellent Collection

herbal bug repellent

Los Poblanos has an all-natural answer to seasonal insects 

Keep your summer bug free with our bug repellent collection. Our Herbal Bug Repellent, a favorite of our farmers, combines the farm’s organic lavender hydrosol with a powerful blend of essential oils, including citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood and lemongrass, to create an effective and safe repellent for small insects.

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Home-grown, Home distilled Artisan Lavender Products

lavender fields

Take Lavender On the Go

With rows upon rows of organic lavender in bloom, it is a truly beautiful time here on the farm. And with travel beginning again, we're thinking about all of our artisan lavender products that are perfect to take on the go this summer. 

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Product Highlight: Lavender Mist

lavender mist spray bottle

Two simple ingredients combine to create our signature Lavender Mist. Combining our certified organic lavender essential oil – grown and distilled right here on the Los Poblanos farm – and pure distilled water, this mist can be used as a room, linen, or body spray. Lavender has natural stress-relieving and antiseptic properties, so a simple spritz will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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