Spring Farm Update: Seeding, weeding and swimming in posies

Spring flowers blooming in the hoop house

Watching the gardens come to life each spring is a delight, but the season can be a challenging one in New Mexico. As our Farm Manager Judy puts it, “summer during the day, winter at night.” These extreme temperature fluctuations can be hard on tender plants. Even native varieties, like our asparagus, were freezing overnight and turning to mush this year.  

Over in the hoop houses, where we planted sweet peas, poppies, calendula and other flowering botanicals, the high daytime temperatures led to earlier blooms, and more flowers – many, many more. We would never complain about too many flowers, but keeping up with cutting to ensure a longer blooming season is not always easy during such a crucial planting time in the fields. Luckily, we’ve been able to turn this abundance into lovely seasonal bouquets, available at the Farm Shop.  

As we round the corner into mid-May, the roses and peonies are popping into bloom in the Greeley Garden, the farm team is busy transplanting late-season tomatoes and peppers (keep an eye out for lemon and orange spice jalapeños on the menu this summer and fall), harvesting herbs, kale and mustard greens for Campo, and adjusting the plans that were so carefully laid back in December and January. 

Our farmers and gardeners dance between long-term plans, meeting the needs of the kitchen, bar and distillery, and responding to environmental shifts and seasonal surprises. We have over 500 new lavender plants going into the fields this month. Some of our vegetable patches are resting, while others are getting new life and improved weed control systems. The alpacas and sheep have some new grazing areas.  

We are grateful for another beautiful spring, challenges and all, and looking forward to a fruitful harvest.  

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