Our Autumn Harvest Retreat

harvest retreat

With countless crops flourishing at this time of year, join us October 11 - 14 for the Autumn Harvest Retreat and immerse yourself in the abundance of fall on the Los Poblanos farm. You'll savor fruit, vegetables and herbs bursting with flavor, enjoy time with our talented farmers, explore the Southwest through regional wines and experience our award-winning Rio Grande Valley Cuisine with ingredients harvested from our own fields. The field-to-fork retreat sessions lead up to an elaborate matanza feast, thoughtfully and carefully prepared over several days by our dedicated culinary team. 

Designed to awaken the senses and reconnect to the land, the Autumn Harvest Retreat provides a behind-the-scenes look at our food and farming model, which embodies the rich agricultural history of the property and reinforces the our mission of sustainable agriculture and historic preservation.

All sessions will be held in small, semi-private, socially distanced groups to ensure safety and comfort, with a thoughtfully planned schedule to allow for plenty of time to relax and experience the farm at one's leisure. Throughout this retreat, enjoy organic meals prepared by our award-winning culinary team and rest easy in our healthy, relaxing guest rooms.

With three luxurious nights at the Inn, four field-to-fork sessions, one wellness session, artisan cocktails, daily breakfast and a matanza feast, the Autumn Harvest Retreat promises to be an experience like no other. Read on for a peek into the retreat.

harvest retreat activities

Farm School

Taste your way around our organic farm with our wonderful Farm and Landscape Manager, Wes Brittenham. You'll learn about how we grow the highest quality food by employing sustainable farming methods. The autumn harvest is a very special time on the farm, with different crops coming out of the ground every day. From squash, root vegetables and leafy greens, learn how to harvest vegetables for peak flavor from our dedicated experts.

Rio Grande Valley Cuisine Demo

Our outstanding culinary team, led by Executive Chef Perno, a 2020 James Beard Award finalist, will guide a demo that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how seasonal Campo dishes are brought from concept to reality. The session will be centered around a traditional New Mexican matanza, where a locally-raised pig and seasonal vegetables will be slow roasted in a deep outdoor pit until perfectly succulent.

Exploring Southwest Wines

As the oldest wine-producing region in the United States, New Mexico has a rich, complex history of viniculture to explore. Join our talented Director of Wine and Spirits and Certified Sommelier, Dylan Storment, for a deep dive into the world of New Mexican and Southwestern wine. This experience will bring Bar Campo's award-winning menu to life and introduce you to local winemakers that have an unparalleled passion and expertise in producing fine high-desert wines.

Harvest Celebration Matanza Feast

Enjoy a final-night feast that ties together the agricultural and culinary experiences of the Autumn Harvest Retreat. Executive Chef Perno and his team will build a six-course matanza inspired tasting menu that will be paired with a wine or spirit selected by our Sommelier, Dylan Storment, to compliment the flavor profiles and cooking techniques used in the kitchen. This magnificent harvest celebration will complete a series of unforgettable experiences on the farm.

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