Product Highlight: Culinary herbs and salts

culinary lavender salt

Give our culinary herbs and salts a try!

Los Poblanos is not only a gorgeous lavender farm but also an award-winning culinary destination. Informed by the daily harvest, we strive to celebrate the foods indigenous to New Mexico's Rio Grande Valley and our Farm Foods collection brings staples from our pantry to your home. We are thrilled to share them with you in a new way.

Over the last year we have collected a lot of fantastic feedback regarding our culinary line of herbs and salts, which has sparked the decision to make the switch from the original Weck jars to new Le Parfait jars. Le Parfait was founded in the early 1930's in Reims, France and holds many of the same values we do. 

Los Poblanos culinary herbs varieties:

  • Chile Rojo Flakes
  • Chile Verde Flakes
  • Culinary Lavender
  • Classic Dipping Herbs
  • Chile Rojo Dipping Herbs
  • Herbs de Poblanos

Los Poblanos culinary salts varieties:

  • Better Call Sal
  • Chimayo Salt
  • Fuego Salt
  • Oaxacan Salt
  • Woodfire Salt
  • Lavender Salt

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