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Well-being in the truest sense

We have always taken the concept of well-being seriously at Los Poblanos. Well-being in tourism can sometimes mean some form of personal actualization, but it's also about being healthy, happy and comfortable. For us, it's also about doing the right thing, whether that's farming sustainably or celebrating our rich culture, and we hope that translates to guests feeling good, both physically and mentally. With the long tree-lined entry beginning to bloom, we've begun crafting our reopening strategy. And with that, we're considering what well-being means today, and what it will mean over the next year.

We would love to hear from you on how you define well-being and what will be most important for you as you begin to travel again. Of course, we need to be responsible and thoughtful, but we also hope to provide an experience that strengthens your confidence that the tourism industry can rise to the occasion and offer experiences that are indeed safe, will put your mind at ease, and also raise your spirit. 

We understand there is an emotional part to putting your trust into a business, and what defines "safe" may be different for many people. Although our new norm will need to look different, the heart of Los Poblanos will always stay true to our core values of Authenticity, Excellence, Preservation, Sustainability and Community. As part of our extended family, we would appreciate your feedback on some of the services that may be introduced as part of our new business model. We would also encourage you to share your own ideas and thoughts as they will help guide us to making the best decisions for reopening our gates and welcoming guests back to Los Poblanos. 

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