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Inside the 1934 La Quinta ballroom with chairs set up for a lecture

Dr. Armin Rembe Lecture Series at La Quinta

Dr. Armin Rembe Lecture Series at La Quinta is a monthly event in honor of Dr. Rembe, who passed away in 2021. The series is inspired by his love of Los Poblanos, his curiosity, intelligence and community relationships. This series celebrates his legacy by promoting stimulating conversations rooted in the core values and mission of Los Poblanos. The series also reflects the rich history of La Quinta Cultural Center in the 1930s and 1940s, when the Simms family held events to promote the arts. As we work to preserve La Quinta as an important architectural landmark, we aim to emulate its dynamic programming through our own curated events and experiences. Experience a culturally rich day at La Quinta by joining us for afternoon tea before the evening lecture.

$35 per person

A Note on Online Booking

If you'd like to reserve more than one ticket, please note you'll need to log in first. Then, add names to the "selected member" section. Once you've added each attendee's name, hit "book class" and proceed to the reservation details page. Make sure everyone's name is listed, and then click "register" to continue making the reservation. To add another attendee, click the back button on your browser and navigate to the page with lecture details where you can then add another guest. If you have any trouble completing your reservation, please email or call our ambassador at (505) 308-3456.

If an evening is sold out, please email with your contact information and specific lecture that you want to attend, and we will add you to the waitlist.


La Quinta Cultural Center

Please park on the south side of the property, following the signs to the front lawn entrance.

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Los Poblanos is proud to partner with the Tamarind Institute this summer for an exhibit in the La Quinta Gallery showcasing a selection of fine art prints from the workshop's creative production over the past 60 years. This special presentation on June 29th will feature Diana Gaston, Director of the Tamarind Institute since 2016, in conversation with Rose B. Simpson, noted mixed-media artist from Santa Clara Pueblo, NM. The discussion will touch on Tamarind’s rich history of collaborative printmaking and their educational mission to preserve and advance the medium of lithography. Simpson had her first residency at Tamarind Institute in 2021 where she had the opportunity to work with printmakers to transform her iconic 1985 Chevy El Camino, Maria, into a diptych which will be displayed at Los Poblanos this summer as part of the Tamarind exhibit. 

About Tamarind Institute: Tamarind Institute is a non-profit center for collaborative printmaking, dedicated to research, education, and creative projects in fine art lithography. Since 1960, Tamarind has shaped the field of collaborative printmaking, through a unique printer training program and an educational mission to preserve and advance the creative medium of lithography. Today Tamarind is a nonprofit workshop with a state-of-the art workshop, public gallery, and regular public programs and tours. Tamarind encompasses an extensive archive of historic material, a vast print inventory of 8,000 lithographs produced by the workshop, and a team of highly trained printers, curators, and print experts. Tamarind Institute stimulates research, preservation of knowledge, and community among a diverse international following. This unique program is widely credited with revitalizing the creative medium of lithography, and continues to provide the only printer training program of its kind in the world.

About Rose B. Simpson: Rose B. Simpson is a mixed-media artist working from her home at Santa Clara Pueblo, where she is rooted in the long tradition of Pueblo potters and New Mexico’s vibrant car culture. She is engaged in many disciplines, including ceramic sculpture, metals, fashion, performance, music, installation, writing, custom cars and printmaking. She received an MFA in Ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2011 and an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in 2018. Simpson is represented in museum collections across the country and exhibited internationally.

About Diana Gaston: Diana Gaston joined the staff as Tamarind’s fourth director in January 2016. Previously, she was the lead curator for the Fidelity Investments Corporate Art Collection, based in Boston. Diana has a comprehensive knowledge of Tamarind’s vast archives housed at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, where she was curator of prints and photographs from 1989-1993. Subsequently, she held positions as curator at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and associate director of San Francisco Camerawork. She received both her B.A. (1985) and M.A. (1988) in Art History from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, where she focused on postwar American photography and contemporary works on paper.


Los Poblanos and Zapata Ranch in Southern Colorado share many of the same values when it comes to caring for the land. At Los Poblanos, our organic farm is deeply engaged in regenerative agriculture efforts and our farm-to-table culinary model is committed to supporting local farms and the local food economy. Zapata Ranch is part of Ranchlands, an agricultural business focused on the conservation of ranch lands with hospitality, craftsmanship, consulting and ecotourism initiatives. Ranchlands will be collaborating with Los Poblanos for a series of events during the week of August 8, 2022 including a retail pop-up, the lecture on August 10, and a guest chef dinner at La Quinta on August 12. Join a group of like-minded farmers, ranchers and chefs from Los Poblanos and Zapata Ranch for a lively discussion around sustainability, land conservation and the impact of our culinary choices. 


Join us in exploring the art of distillation and perfumery with longtime Los Poblanos botanical advisor, Christa Obuchowski. For the last twenty years, Christa has devoted herself to the art and science of blending plant extracts and healing with scent. Her deep knowledge of plants extends from biodynamic gardening to aromatherapy to plant medicine. Her uniquely blended fragrances incorporate plant extracts made through the processes of distillation and maceration. Christa will share her knowledge about the centuries-old technique of hydro-distillation and how her fragrances reflect the land from which they were made. With a special focus on the plants of New Mexico, this talk will be of great interest to anyone who appreciates the extraordinary landscapes, biodiversity and scents of the Land of Enchantment.  

About Christa: Christa J. Obuchowski is a traditional naturopath, botanical perfumer, distiller and educator. Christa founded the AromaBotanica Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1994, offering a full-spectrum approach to healing the body, mind and spirit through stimulating natural healing potentials. Growing up in Germany, Christa was first introduced to plants at a young age, helping her grandfather make plant medicines, macerations and tinctures. Christa studied aromatherapy and plant medicine with leading authorities in the field. She has been a biodynamic gardener, studied with Mayan healers in Belize, and currently travels the world to research plants and incense. She has more than 100 scent compositions on the market. For the last twenty years, she has devoted herself to the art and science of blending plant extracts and healing with scent. Her great love is the creation of scent portraits for individuals using a ‘scent palette’. Christa is devoted to education. She teaches classes on plant medicine, the art of perfume making and self-care, and facilitates health retreats in various locations such as New Mexico, Hawaii and Asia.