Farm Journal: Herbs

farmer cutting herbs

Growing Herbs at Los Poblanos

Herbs. Just the word conjures up delightful associations of fragrance and flavor. With multiple uses across the culinary, beverage and wellness spectrum, a single herb or a blend of multiple essences can really make an experience sing. As we diversify and expand the ways herbs are incorporated in the kitchen, bar and spa, our farm team is increasing the quantity and variety of herbs grown around the farm. Thoughtful conversations between chefs, mixologists and estheticians allow creativity to begin in the farm fields and manifest in the many experiences available here at Los Poblanos. Each herb's potential is being explored and expanded.

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Our Favorite Farm Foods for Fall

green chili jam

Fall is just around the corner, and soon, farm stands will begin roasting green chile and infusing the air with its unmistakable, mouthwatering fragrance. This traditional New Mexican crop is beloved in many forms, but around here, our Green Chile Jam is at the top of our list. While we could be biased, Bon Appétit calls the addictive spread "sweet, spicy, smoky and floral - best spread on toasted sourdough." 

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An Intimate Space Rich With History

spa reception

Nestled in an original, historic home designed by the father of Santa Fe style, John Gaw Meem, the Hacienda Spa is an intimate space that encourages a sensory spa experience. From the punched tin chandeliers and massive vigas of the lobby to the glistening fountain tiles of the courtyard, special details can be discovered around every corner.

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Product Highlight: Facial Toner and Skin Care Oil

toner and skincare oil

The perfect combination for healthy and hydrated skin

As we cultivate a space for our guests to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature, wellness is at the center of the work we do at Los Poblanos. As our business evolves, skincare has become an integral piece of our brand. Our Organic Lavender Facial Toner and Organic Lavender Skin Care Oil, used separately, or together, are a great way to provide yourself with a piece of the Los Poblanos well-being experience by giving you the ability to deeply care for your skin in an easy and accessible way. 

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