La Vida Generosa

hacienda spa patio

As summer days slowly shorten and extend into cool evenings, now is the perfect time for a Los Poblanos escape. Whether you treat yourself to a few peaceful nights away, indulge in a treatment at the Hacienda Spa or dine with friends and family, we have just the thing to help you savor generous living.

Posted: 27 Aug, 2022 Filed Under: Events, All Things Lavender

Farm Journal: Late Summer on the Farm

vegetables growing in summer photo by elizabeth wells

Late summer on the farm is a time of increasing harvest and lots of weeding. The rains we have gotten have helped with the scarce water supply, though we have been modifying our irrigation and planting practices over the last few years as we become more concerned with the flow of the river, the ditches and the spotty monsoon season.

Posted: 23 Aug, 2022 Filed Under: Farm Life

Farm Journal: Fruit Trees Boom and Bust Throughout the Seasons

Fruit Trees at Los Poblanos - elderberry

Fruit trees are integrated throughout the landscape at Los Poblanos. We grow a wide variety, each with a distinct season and individual flavor. The farm team meets regularly with the culinary team, and much of what we plant reflects direct requests from chefs, bakers and others who help us to develop a farm that supports the diversity of Los Poblanos. From the mulberry syrup in your cocktail, to a plum tart in the restaurant and the blossoms and branches that adorn our public spaces, fruit trees enliven every season on the farm. Some are hardy and reliable, while others have challenges that can lead to bounty or failure.

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