Announcing Tea Season at La Quinta

tea set

As the historic Los Poblanos gardens burst into bloom, we are thrilled to announce tea season at La Quinta this May. The season will begin with Mother's Day Tea, followed by Afternoon Tea served each Wednesday and Sunday afternoon from May 12 through October 10. As our previous guests can attest, there's something transportive about spending an afternoon at La Quinta, and we can't wait to welcome you back for tea.

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Farm Journal: Spring Fever

plants sprouting

Spring Fever

As cold days recede, spring fever is in full swing on the farm. Every year, our farm team collaborates closely with our culinary, mixology and product teams, exchanging ideas and identifying goals for the upcoming months ahead. These thoughtful conversations help determine plans for the field layout and crop rotation, giving the farm team a clear plan for the new season. Currently, trays of seedlings line the tables in the greenhouse as artichokes, kale, onions and peppers begin to sprout and grow, waiting their turn to be nestled into the fields. Carrot, beet and turnip seeds will soon be planted directly into the cool soil. Small harvests of herbs and greens begin to come from the hoop house, too.

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Product Highlight: Oaxacan Salt

container of Oaxacan salt

Spice up dishes, desserts and cocktails with this smokey finishing salt

After experimenting with chiles from all over the Southwest and Mexico, our culinary team created this warm and smokey finishing salt with chilaca chile peppers smoked in Oaxaca, Mexico. We love it so much that it's available two ways! Find it in our classic glass jar, or in a vial as part of the Southwest Salt Set - a great way to try four of our signature salts. 

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Welcoming a New Member of the Los Poblanos Family

Teresa Curl

Meet Teresa Curl, Director of Retail & Brand Strategy

It is our great pleasure to welcome new, dynamic personalities to the farm. With a complex and growing business model, we know that the success of Los Poblanos truly lies in the strength of the team. Searching high and low, we aspire to employ the best in the industry, whether they're coming from down the street or across the country. Recently, we've discovered talent in our own backyard, and we're thrilled to introduce a new member of the Los Poblanos family to you. 

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Continuing our Celebration of the Women of Los Poblanos

handmade pillowcases

We continue looking around the property to celebrate more of the talented, dedicated women here at Los Poblanos. If you've stayed with us, there's no doubt you've engaged with this wonderful team, from a warm welcome at check in to a crisply made bed.

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Los Poblanos Celebrates Women of the Farm

lp greenhouse

Today, we continue looking around the property to celebrate more of the talented, dedicated women here at Los Poblanos. Our farm team is fortunate to have several amazing women in key roles to help create a functional and beautiful environment that's enjoyed by our staff and guests alike.

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Women’s History Month at Los Poblanos

black and white photo of hacienda entrance

Over the past 100 years, a series of remarkable women have left an indelible mark on our historic property. This Women's History Month, join us in celebrating the incredible women who have shaped Los Poblanos into what it is today. All month long, we'll be showcasing their work and impact through storytelling and guided property tours. In the Farm Shop, you can find several books about or written by many important women of Los Poblanos, as well as incredible work by many talented women artisans.

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