Introducing Campo’s New Spring Menus

new dishes for campo

Campo, meaning field in Spanish, reflects our dedication to organic farming, both in our own fields and within our local food shed. As our talented culinary team imagines new menus and sources ingredients, the underlying mission is to stay close to home. At home, this means our culinary and farm teams work together each season and create plans for growing heirloom, organic produce. This partnership supports our regenerative agricultural model and brings freshly harvested ingredients to your plate.

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Product Highlight: Campo Cocktail Set

campo cocktail set

Create Los Poblanos cocktails at home when you can't be at the farm

Our love for lavender began with our artisanal spa collection, but it certainly didn’t end there. Campo’s culinary team found it to be extraordinary in everything from baked goods to chicken dishes, but it got even more exciting when we introduced it into our cocktail program.

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What Regenerative Farming Means at Los Poblanos

tractor dumping dirt

Here at Los Poblanos, we are proud to practice regenerative agriculture. Not only do we grow crops without chemicals, we also take action to give back to the land so that we leave the earth better than we found it. Our dedicated farm team works hard to incorporate five healthy soil principles in our daily practices, aiming to set in motion a cycle of healthier soil, healthier plants, healthier people and healthier ecosystems.

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Garden Season at Los Poblanos

lush green garden

As we transition from celebrating Women's History Month to Garden Season, there are two remarkable women - from past and present - who perfectly represent the overlap between these two themes.

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Meet a New Member of the Los Poblanos Family

beo afantodji

Welcome Our New Rooms Manager, Beo Afantodji

It is our great pleasure to welcome new, dynamic personalities to the farm. With a complex and growing business model, we know that the success of Los Poblanos truly lies in the strength of the team. Searching high and low, we aspire to employ the best in the industry, whether they're coming from down the street or across the country. Today, we're thrilled to introduce Beo Afantodji, our new Rooms Manager, who moved cross-country from New England to join the Los Poblanos family.

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