Exciting guest chef: Chef Nini Nguyen

Chef Nini Nguyen

Presenting another exciting Los Poblanos Dining Series culinary event

You may remember her from the last season of Top Chef. Now, we are excited to welcome Chef Nini Nguyen to Los Poblanos to showcase her talents here in the Rio Grande River Valley.

Posted: 17 May, 2019 Filed Under: Events, Rio Grande Valley Cuisine

Women of the farm

lavender bushes

From Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms to Penny Rembe, Los Poblanos has a long history of women deeply engaged in all areas of the farm. Carrying on their strong tradition, women continue to play an integral part of the story of Los Poblanos, from the bakery to the finance office to the fields. We're pleased to introduce our female farmers and landscapers who contribute to agrarian culture at the farm, from the organic produce provided to Campo to the beautifully maintained gardens. 

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