Brews bring us together

Bosque beer cup

Los Poblanos is proud to present a dining series like no other. Executive Chef Jonathan Perno, resident Sommelier Dylan Storment and the award-winning culinary team at Los Poblanos have carefully curated an entire year of Rio Grande Valley Cuisine dinner programming to highlight the spirit and artistry of the season. This series will also pay homage to our local ranchers, farmers, vintners, brewers and distillers who share in our culinary philosophy and understand that flavors and ingredients are as important as the environment and terroir they originate from

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Holiday parties at Los Poblanos

holiday party celebration

Host your holiday party at Los Poblanos

We're eagerly anticipating all the lovely parties and events that will be held at Los Poblanos this upcoming holiday season. Cozy wood-burning fireplaces, holiday décor and candlelit ambience are just the start of memorable holiday celebrations at Los Poblanos. Celebrate the season with us and be surrounded by spectacular architecture, no matter which of our stunning event spaces you welcome guests into. Treat your guests to our award-winning Rio Grande Valley Cuisine and enjoy seasonal flavors such as a Cinnamon Sage Pork Chop, Sweet Potato Cavatelli Pasta and a stunning Croquembouche, all paired with fun and festive beverages. Send your party off with artisanal gifts from the Farm Shop, concluding a celebration you'll always remember.

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Introducing the Los Poblanos Late Summer Dining Event

summer splendor dish

Summer's Splendor

After months of careful tending, the bountiful summer fields of the Rio Grande River Valley will reach peak flavor, making it the ideal time for harvesting these long-awaited flavors. As weather warms, we eagerly anticipate this special time of year, yielding tomatoes at their peak, tart and inky blackberries and bright, subtle goldbar squash - flavors that beckon memories of this magical season beg to be showcased. 

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