Introducing Campo

Campo at Los Poblanos

We are pleased to announce the opening of breakfast and dinner service at Campo, our new restaurant located in the newly-restored dairy buildings at Los Poblanos. Meaning “field” in Spanish, Campo is the perfect name this new venture. With Executive Chef Jonathan Perno at the helm, Campo is the most authentic field-to-fork dining experience in the city. We would like to take this opportunity to invite friends, family, guests, and colleagues to come experience two new fire-centric menus while dining amidst the fields of the Rio Grande River Valley.

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The Lotus & The Rose Workshop

Rose Greely Garden at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Lotus flowers and roses are two of our favorite botanicals growing here at Los Poblanos and are the inspiration behind our upcoming The Lotus & The Rose workshop on Saturday, August 5th. Join us for a full day of relaxation and learning surrounded by our beautiful gardens. Begin the morning with a sound healing meditation, led by Aimee Conlee, where you will practice breathing, light stretching, and relaxation techniques involving sound. Once you’re fully relaxed, take a leisurely stroll around the pond and though the rose gardens, where Christa Obuchowski will talk about the different types of roses and how their essential oils are utilized in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. The in-depth discussion will continue with a demonstration of the distillation process that Christa uses to extract the precious oils from the plants.

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Spring Field Notes

Onions and leeks that were planted earlier are almost ready for spring harvest. Onions and leeks that were planted earlier are almost ready for spring harvest.

This past winter was a mild one, even by temperate New Mexico standards, and it looks as though spring will be no different. With temperatures already in the high 70s, the farm is in full-bloom mode and we couldn’t be happier about it. All across the property, stone fruit trees, daffodils, hyacinth, and irises are showing off their colors, proving that there's nothing quite as magical as springtime on the farm.

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Winter on the Farm

Overwintering leeks and rye in the kitchen gardens and fields.Overwintering leeks and rye in the kitchen gardens and fields.

The winter months may seem like a dormant time of year on the farm, but below the surface there’s frenzy of activity taking place. While we’re rushing to get gifts bought and wrapped, the farmers are toiling away tending fields of winter rye (one of the best overwintering crops), carefully tending to thousands of lavender starts, and mapping out next season’s planting patterns.

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Festive Farm Shop

Festive Farm Shop

There’s an air of excitement on the farm as the winter holidays grow ever nearer. Trees sparkling with lights and mantels hung with garlands are stirring our festive spirits. But nowhere is quite as holly-jolly as over at the Farm Shop, where our third greenhouse room has just opened to the public. Packed to the rafters with tree trimmings, unique little stocking stuffers, and authentic folk art decor, it’s the place to be for holiday cheer. Stop by the Farm Shop where our wonderful staff is waiting to help you pick out the perfect gifts for everyone on you list (yourself included!).

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A Letter from Matt Rembe

Los Poblanos Fall Orchard

Dear friends, family, guests, and neighbors,

Over the course of countless generations as a family farm, we have come to learn that times of transition naturally lend themselves to quiet introspection. This season, as we prepare our fields for winter amidst the falling leaves, we find an even greater need to reflect and come together as a strong, united community.

Now is the time to remember our past – failures and triumphs alike – and to take to heart the lessons history has taught us. They are the deep roots that ground us and give the strength to weather any storm. The key to our resilience lies in an unfailing commitment to our core values of authenticity, preservation, and integrity.

As a family and a business, there is nothing more important than leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations so that they may continue to use and enjoy the land. Here on the farm, we have a saying: “rooted in history, planting seeds for the future.” To us, these words embody not only the spirit of Los Poblanos but also of our community as a whole. We believe in being devoted stewards of the land, practicing sustainable farming, and positively impacting the lives of those around us.

Our mission is as relevant today as ever. We are committed to serving, sustaining, and supporting our diverse, beautiful community.

Matthew Rembe
Executive Director

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Dairy Barn Restoration

Silos at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Ever since Penny and Armin opened up their home as a 6-room bed and breakfast over 15 years ago, Los Poblanos has experienced  steady, measured growth. Much like the stone fruit trees in our orchard, Los Poblanos, as a business, has spent its early life setting deep roots in the community and growing its proverbial branches – Historic Inn, Events, Organic Farm, Lavender Products, and Farm Shop. Those years of hard work, perseverance, and nurturing have laid a strong foundation for what will surely be our most fruitful stage of growth yet. We are currently in the process of renovating the historic dairy barns (once home to the dairy co-op that would become Creamland Dairies) into a brand new space which will include a field-to-fork restaurant, artisan bar, small-batch bakery, as well as a new home for the Farm Shop. The north pasture, which has been largely unused until now, will soon be home to 28 new guest rooms overlooking five acres of newly planted fields and gardens. Once finished, these rooms will boast sweeping views of the Rio Grande River Valley and the majestic Sandia Mountains. Their style is in the vocabulary of the historic dairy buildings.

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Los Poblanos Herbal Bug Repellent

Los Poblanos Herbal Bug Repellent

We are beyond thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our line of hand-crafted, small batch Los Poblanos products. Meet our new Herbal Bug Repellent! Formulated with a base of lavender hydrosol, distilled from our own plants, and a blend of essential oils that are known to repel bugs. Our farmers and gardeners have been using lavender oil to deter pesky biting bugs in the fields for years, so when it came time to craft our own bug repellent it seemed only natural to use their tried and true method. And wouldn’t you know, it really works! Before releasing it to the world, the LP farmers field tested (quite literally) the formula and came back at the end of the day, unbitten and smelling great.

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Spotlight: Penny Rembe

Penny and Armin Rembe, founders of Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm.Penny and Armin Rembe, founders of Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm.

As a company as well as a community we firmly believe that the most important element at Los Poblanos – the thing that makes this business what it is – are the people who work to maintain the history and essence of this historic property. And at the core of that, the heart and soul of this place, is Penny Rembe.  Penny is the co-founder and matriarch of Los Poblanos as we know it today. Without her drive, determination, generosity, and expertise in business none of us would be here, able to do what we love every day. In relation to Los Poblanos, Penny’s story is probably one of the most important, so it seems only appropriate that she be the focus of our first spotlight piece.

When the Simms family decided to sell Los Poblanos in the 70s Penny and Armin, together with Armin’s sister Victoria and her husband, jumped at the chance to purchase the beautiful 25-acre property. Penny, Armin, and their four children moved into the “ranch house” – now the Inn – while Victoria, her husband, and their five children made the 15,000 square foot La Quinta building their home.

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Blackberry Buckle

Los Poblanos Blackberry Buckle

All across the farm, we have little blackberry brambles tucked here and there between the heirloom roses, fruit trees, figs, and wisteria vines. For most of the year they go relatively unnoticed compared to their flashier, more prominent counterparts, but come July and August when the berries start shifting from vibrant crimson to lovely deep, dark blue-violet, the blackberries become the star of the show. Often, in the early mornings, our pastry team can be found in the gardens harvesting the ripest berries for use in the kitchens. They stand out, attired in their crisp chef whites.

This week we are sharing Chef Perno’s recipe for Blackberry Buckle, a celebratory little summer dessert that highlights the bright, beautiful flavor of one of our favorite summer berries. Though they are a unique type of pastry, buckles are often compared to coffee cakes and crumbles because of their cake-like texture and sweet streusel top. Traditionally they are made with blueberries, but since we grow such wonderful blackberries right here in the Rio Grande River Valley, it seemed only appropriate to adapt this recipe to include them.

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