Lavender season is approaching

lavender field

Celebrate our favorite time of the year

As the weather gets warmer and days get longer, our lovely lavender plants awaken again for another summer season. We look forward to the fields turning purple all year long, and eagerly watch as the plants begin to spike. In fact, lavender season makes us downright giddy here on the farm. And we couldn't be more excited to share all that we have to offer during this fabulous season.

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Women of the farm

lavender bushes

From Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms to Penny Rembe, Los Poblanos has a long history of women deeply engaged in all areas of the farm. Carrying on their strong tradition, women continue to play an integral part of the story of Los Poblanos, from the bakery to the finance office to the fields. We're pleased to introduce our female farmers and landscapers who contribute to agrarian culture at the farm, from the organic produce provided to Campo to the beautifully maintained gardens. 

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Everything’s coming up roses

rose garden path

Relax among historic gardens

Our formal Spanish-style gardens were designed in 1932 by Rose Greely, a pioneer female landscape architect. The Greely Garden at Los Poblanos is her only known work in the Southwest and features vibrant flower beds irrigated with river water, Spanish tile fountains, rose cutting gardens and winding pathways. 

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Suite Dreams

South field deluxe king room

Relax & restore

Our rooms are outfitted for sweet dreams and ultimate relaxation, from our own lavender spa amenities to carefully selected robes, bed linens and towels. 

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Spend Spring Break at Los Poblanos

Los Poblanos fields

Spend Spring Break at the Inn

Take a trip the whole family will enjoy and we'll take care of the details. Be inspired by our favorite ways to spend spring days in the North Valley. 

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Birdwatching at Los Poblanos


Unplug your devices and connect with nature by taking in all of the amazing wildlife in the Rio Grande River Valley. In a recent article, Albuquerque Journal informs that "across the contiguous areas of the country, some 800 species of birds have been identified and more than 500 of those can be spotted in New Mexico." Last December, Inn guests spotted 23 unique bird species and 235 individual birds on our 25 acres in just an hour! Come see for yourself, Inn amenities include binoculars and cruiser bicycles on loan, perfect for exploring and observing the beauty of the Rio Grande River Valley.

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Spring Field Notes

Onions and leeks that were planted earlier are almost ready for spring harvest.

This past winter was a mild one, even by temperate New Mexico standards, and it looks as though spring will be no different. With temperatures already in the high 70s, the farm is in full-bloom mode and we couldn’t be happier about it. All across the property, stone fruit trees, daffodils, hyacinth, and irises are showing off their colors, proving that there's nothing quite as magical as springtime on the farm.

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Winter on the Farm

Overwintering leeks and rye in the kitchen gardens and fields.

The winter months may seem like a dormant time of year on the farm, but below the surface there’s frenzy of activity taking place. While we’re rushing to get gifts bought and wrapped, the farmers are toiling away tending fields of winter rye (one of the best overwintering crops), carefully tending to thousands of lavender starts, and mapping out next season’s planting patterns.

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Life As A Lavender Plant

Historic Los Poblanos Greenhouse

Lavender is near and dear to our hearts here at Los Poblanos. If you’ve been to the farm you have probably seen our 3 acre organic field filled with row upon row of our favorite botanical and maybe even purchased a product or two at the Farm Shop. What you perhaps haven’t seen is the full life cycle of our much-loved lavender plants. To us our plants aren’t just a commodity, they are living organisms that requires care, attention, and understanding. Each step in every plant’s life is incredibly important; from the initial propagation all the way through planting, growth, harvest, distillation, and finally incorporation into our lavender products. Our farmers work year round tending to the needs of our plants; protecting them for pests, weeding their beds, and making sure they have adequate water to cope with the heat of our high desert climate.

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Field Notes from the Farmers

Beautiful organic lettuce growing in our kitchen gardens.

The fields at Los Poblanos are always in flux, changing and evolving with the seasons. Although we can plan as much as we want, ultimately the plants, the rain, and the sun will do just as they please. It is the job of our farmers to work with the whims of nature, adapting the plan as they go, in order to keep the farm alive, well, and productive. Each new season we like to check in with the farm team and see how they’re doing.

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