Meet our new Director of Hospitality Operations

director of hospitality operations Kim vollers

Bienvenidos a Nuevo México, Kim!

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Kim Vollers and her wonderful family to New Mexico and into the Los Poblanos community. If you've been on the property since May 1st, you've likely seen her as she is constantly on the move and loves meeting guests. As our new Director of Hospitality Operations, Kim oversees lodging, guest services, dining operations, events, programming, grounds maintenance and facilities on our small-but-mighty 25 acre farm. It's a huge job and with over 25 years of hospitality experience, the majority of which was spent at the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont, she is an ideal fit for Los Poblanos.

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Our Herbal Bug Repellent Collection has grown

outdoor garden

Keep 'em at bay

Los Poblanos has an all-natural answer to seasonal insects. Our Herbal Bug Repellent and beautiful new terracotta Candle both use a powerful essential oil blend including citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemongrass and our own home-grown, home-distilled lavender to create an effective and safe repellent for small insects.

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The road to reopening

garden gate

With recent regulation updates, we are so grateful and excited to be reopening our gates. The farm just hasn't been the same without you here! We've taken great care to develop our Well-being Hospitality Model, with safety, health and comfort for our staff and guests as the highest priority as we slowly reopen. From sanitizer and hand washing stations to newly created services and amenities, we have thoughtfully reimagined the experience to ensure the well-being of everyone on property. 

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Road trip to the farm

lp historic inn front door

Summer travel looks a little different this year, and we think there's something exciting about loading up the car and exploring our own backyard. Our 25 acres of gardens and open space encourage a relaxing agritourism experience, and our Well-being Hospitality Model is in place to ensure comfort and care for our staff, guests and community. With our serene property as your destination, and plenty of activities and amenities to keep you busy here, we hope you'll hit the road and visit us soon.

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Welcome back to the farm

Los Poblanos historic inn

We are overjoyed to begin slowly welcoming lodging guests back to the farm with safety, health and comfort as our highest priorities. With 25 acres of gardens and open space, the agritourism experience at Los Poblanos is ideal for physical and mental well-being. Our Inn rooms feature multiple operable windows to allow a cross draft of fresh air to spill in, and our patio doors let in the warm, sunny afternoon and chilly evening air to encourage a restorative night's sleep. With organic cotton sheets and robes, hardwood floors instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, a fully organic menu at Campo and sweeping views of the North Valley, Los Poblanos provides a healthy and serene retreat. 

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We’d love your feedback

cottonwood driveway

Well-being in the truest sense

We have always taken the concept of well-being seriously at Los Poblanos. Well-being in tourism can sometimes mean some form of personal actualization, but it's also about being healthy, happy and comfortable. For us, it's also about doing the right thing, whether that's farming sustainably or celebrating our rich culture, and we hope that translates to guests feeling good, both physically and mentally. With the long tree-lined entry beginning to bloom, we've begun crafting our reopening strategy. And with that, we're considering what well-being means today, and what it will mean over the next year.

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An update from the farm

rose bushes

Hitting pause for a few weeks

Effective Sunday, April 12, we have decided to temporarily suspend Campo Curbside and the bricks and mortar operations in the Farm Shop's Farm Foods market. We have been so thrilled to have your support as we've experimented with these new business models, and it has been heartwarming to see our community queuing up in their cars for Campo Curbside meals and Farm Shop pick up orders. However, as we are hopefully entering the last phase of sheltering at home and social distancing, we think it is important to be as cautious as possible. Closing our gates for a few weeks will ensure the safety of our essential employees on the farm, as well as further encourage our community to stay home. We are tentatively planning to resume these services by May 1, in keeping with our Governor's order, and will reassess as we get closer to that date.

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Introducing Campo Curbside

spice shelf

Through these uncertain times, we are challenging ourselves to offer new dining experiences to our community. We are thrilled to announce new family-style meals from Chef Jonathan Perno and the Campo team, available for curbside pickup Wednesday through Saturday from 4 pm until 6 pm. Simply order online the day before, and our culinary team will get to work preparing a meal that we hope will bring a little comfort to your table. We are so grateful for your support, which will continue to provide jobs to a small team of our chefs, restaurant staff and community of local farmers.

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Changes and temporary closures at Los Poblanos

front desk and campo courtyard

As concerns continue to escalate in our current environment, we've made what we feel is the most responsible, proactive decision given the information we currently have. Effective immediately, Los Poblanos will be closing the Inn, Events and Campo (both dining room and bar), with plans to reopen on May 1. If you have an upcoming reservation with us during this time, you've likely heard from us. But if not, rest assured you will soon. For the safety of our employees, guests and community, we are compelled to do our due diligence in creating space and distance so that people remain well. Community means everything to us.

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Spring forward on the farm

inn portal

Escape to the North Valley and spend time relaxing on the farm and getting back to nature. Call the Inn directly at 505-344-9297 to book your getaway and we'll help you create the perfect itinerary for a lovely and memorable experience.

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