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Product Highlight: Culinary herbs and salts

culinary lavender salt

Give our culinary herbs and salts a try!

Los Poblanos is not only a gorgeous lavender farm but also an award-winning culinary destination. Informed by the daily harvest, we strive to celebrate the foods indigenous to New Mexico's Rio Grande Valley and our Farm Foods collection brings staples from our pantry to your home. We are thrilled to share them with you in a new way.

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A new way to start the day

campo breakfast dishes

Fall brings crisp mornings and new seasonal offerings to the Campo breakfast menu. Begin a lovely new day in our sunny dining room and enjoy breathtaking views of the Sandia Mountains, our farm fields and the changing colors of the ancient cottonwood trees. Enjoy delicious new additions to the menu, like the savory Green Chile Breakfast Enchiladas, cozy Hot Steel-cut Oats with Chimayo red chile caramel apples and Smoked Brisket and Egg featuring corn roasted underground right on the farm. Campo's culinary team has created unforgettable dishes that are perfect for the season and just might make breakfast your favorite meal of the day.

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Brews bring us together

Bosque beer cup

Los Poblanos is proud to present a dining series like no other. Executive Chef Jonathan Perno, resident Sommelier Dylan Storment and the award-winning culinary team at Los Poblanos have carefully curated an entire year of Rio Grande Valley Cuisine dinner programming to highlight the spirit and artistry of the season. This series will also pay homage to our local ranchers, farmers, vintners, brewers and distillers who share in our culinary philosophy and understand that flavors and ingredients are as important as the environment and terroir they originate from

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Introducing the Los Poblanos Late Summer Dining Event

summer splendor dish

Summer's Splendor

After months of careful tending, the bountiful summer fields of the Rio Grande River Valley will reach peak flavor, making it the ideal time for harvesting these long-awaited flavors. As weather warms, we eagerly anticipate this special time of year, yielding tomatoes at their peak, tart and inky blackberries and bright, subtle goldbar squash - flavors that beckon memories of this magical season beg to be showcased. 

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Exciting guest chef: Chef Nini Nguyen

Chef Nini Nguyen

Presenting another exciting Los Poblanos Dining Series culinary event

You may remember her from the last season of Top Chef. Now, we are excited to welcome Chef Nini Nguyen to Los Poblanos to showcase her talents here in the Rio Grande River Valley.

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Springtime eats

new menu entrees

Welcome spring with a new menu at Campo

Led by James Beard Award semi-finalist, Executive Chef Jonathan Perno, Campo's Rio Grande Valley Cuisine is rooted in organic ingredients that are celebrated with each seasonal menu change. With cuisine that marries our own farm's harvest with ingredients sourced from local farmers and herdsman, each dish exemplifies a dedication to quality which is experienced in every bite. 

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Introducing the Los Poblanos Spring Dining Events

signature dish

Global Influences on New Mexico Cuisine

While New Mexican cuisine is traditionally considered a marriage of Pueblo Native American, Hispanic Spanish and Mexican Cuisine, dig a little deeper and you'll find our cuisine has been influenced by a spectacular range of cultures and regions across Europe as people migrated and moved through our land.

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Introducing the Los Poblanos Spring Dining Events

campo dining series event

Savour de Legumbres

Using fresh, Rio Grande River Valley harvested ingredients, this vegetable-forward menu invites you to experience a dinner creatively explores flavors in a refreshing new way. Included are offerings such as the fresh Cavatelli with Mushroom. This beautiful noodle is crafted in-house and is the foundation for this complex and richly comforting take on a classic dish. In the third course, roasted leeks and deconstructed and reassimilated with carrots and chimichurri into a stunning and tastey presentation. The beet, from root to leaf, is celebrated in the fifth course and is a striking dish that will intrigue the palate and satisfy the soul.

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Monday and Tuesday at Bar Campo

Bar Campo food

In addition to Social Hour between 4:00-6:00, Bar Campo serves creative food offerings on Monday and Tuesday evenings when only the bar is open. While our standard bar menu is available, we invite you to taste our chef-selected options exclusively available at the beginning of the week.

In previous weeks, dishes have ranged from fried chicken with green chile jam, house-made pickles and blue corn grits to wings poached in Los Poblanos hot sauce. And on the horizon are oysters on the half shell. These nights give our chefs time to show off their creativity and experiment with new ideas - and give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Most of our kitchen and waitstaff have Monday and Tuesday nights off, so our mixologists hold court and run the show, offering their hospitality and wealth of cocktail knowledge. Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy the evening, but make sure to show up early - we don't take reservations so seats are first come, first served. Bar Campo is opens daily at 4:00.

Spicy Prickly Pear Chicken Satay with pickled dragon tongue and fresh herbs
Turkey Roulade Sandwich with pickled blackberry jam, red chile aioli, shaved red onion and green leaf lettuce on a seeded roll, served with house frites

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We made the list!

We made the list!

We are thrilled to announce that Campo made the Good Food 100 list! Good Food 100 is an annual list and economic report celebrating chefs and restaurants who are changing the food system for good by using their purchasing power to honor and support every link in the food chain.

Our passionate team of chefs are committed to crafting seasonal, organic, local meals that source ingredients from our own fields as well as local farmers and herdsmen. We are honored to be listed among other organizations that are equally dedicated to honoring every link in the food chain: the environment; plants and animals; farmers, ranchers and fisherman, purveyors, restaurants and eaters. 

Check out the full Good Food 100 list here and meet us at Campo to celebrate! 

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