Announcing Tea Season at La Quinta

tea set

As the historic Los Poblanos gardens burst into bloom, we are thrilled to announce tea season at La Quinta this May. The season will begin with Mother's Day Tea, followed by Afternoon Tea served each Wednesday and Sunday afternoon from May 12 through October 10. As our previous guests can attest, there's something transportive about spending an afternoon at La Quinta, and we can't wait to welcome you back for tea.

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Farm Journal: Spring Fever

plants sprouting

Spring Fever

As cold days recede, spring fever is in full swing on the farm. Every year, our farm team collaborates closely with our culinary, mixology and product teams, exchanging ideas and identifying goals for the upcoming months ahead. These thoughtful conversations help determine plans for the field layout and crop rotation, giving the farm team a clear plan for the new season. Currently, trays of seedlings line the tables in the greenhouse as artichokes, kale, onions and peppers begin to sprout and grow, waiting their turn to be nestled into the fields. Carrot, beet and turnip seeds will soon be planted directly into the cool soil. Small harvests of herbs and greens begin to come from the hoop house, too.

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Product Highlight: Oaxacan Salt

container of Oaxacan salt

Spice up dishes, desserts and cocktails with this smokey finishing salt

After experimenting with chiles from all over the Southwest and Mexico, our culinary team created this warm and smokey finishing salt with chilaca chile peppers smoked in Oaxaca, Mexico. We love it so much that it's available two ways! Find it in our classic glass jar, or in a vial as part of the Southwest Salt Set - a great way to try four of our signature salts. 

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Introducing our new Chocolate de Nuevo Mexico

hot chocolate in container

Warm up on those cold winter days with our newest offering 

Our Farm Foods collection just got a little sweeter. We're thrilled to introduce Chocolate de Nuevo Mexico, with a cozy Campo-created recipe and delightful packaging that's ready for you and your family to enjoy at home.

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Introducing our 1934 Spice Blend

jar of Los Poblanos 1934 spice blend

Warm up with our new 1934 Spice

Gathering together and sharing a meal is one of our favorite things do to on the farm. Our Rio Grande Valley Cuisine is a beautiful expression of our community, deeply rooted in our own farming efforts and those of other dedicated local farmers and herdsmen. An extension of the Campo kitchen, the Farm Foods collection of salts, herbs, condiments and pantry staples highlights those local ingredients, flavors and stories, and allows home cooks to incorporate award-winning flavors into meals prepared at home.

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Product Highlight: Los Poblanos Green Chile Jam

los poblanos green chili jam jar

Green Chili Jam has endless possibilities

The smell of freshly roasted green chile in the brisk morning air can only mean one thing for the Rio Grande Valley - autumn is on its way! This time of year is the perfect time to share one of our favorite Farm Foods products with guests and family.

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Our Autumn Harvest Retreat

harvest retreat

With countless crops flourishing at this time of year, join us October 11 - 14 for the Autumn Harvest Retreat and immerse yourself in the abundance of fall on the Los Poblanos farm. You'll savor fruit, vegetables and herbs bursting with flavor, enjoy time with our talented farmers, explore the Southwest through regional wines and experience our award-winning Rio Grande Valley Cuisine with ingredients harvested from our own fields. The field-to-fork retreat sessions lead up to an elaborate matanza feast, thoughtfully and carefully prepared over several days by our dedicated culinary team. 

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Our James Beard Best Chef Finalist

chef Jonathan Perno

After being recognized six times as a semi-finalist for the James Beard Best Chef Southwest Award, we are so thrilled to announce that our own Chef Jonathan Perno has advanced this year as a finalist. The prestigious James Beard Awards Foundation's mission is to celebrate, nurture and honor chefs and other leaders making America's food culture more delicious, diverse and sustainable for everyone.

The James Beard Foundation grants the premiere awards for the culinary industry and has recognized Chef Jonathan amongst just five other talented chefs in our region and only 67 chefs nationally. Representing New Mexico within this distinguished and respected organization, Chef Jonathan's talents and dedication are now celebrated on a national level. We are so proud of his incredible accomplishment. With over a decade spent at Los Poblanos, Chef Jonathan's creativity and passion has truly crafted the Los Poblanos model of Rio Grande Valley Cuisine, and is a stunning example of what hard work and determination can build.

While we look forward to seeing you at Campo as soon as it reopens, we invite you to experience Chef Jonathan's artistry by ordering Campo Curbside, available Wednesday through Sunday.

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Introducing Campo Curbside

spice shelf

Through these uncertain times, we are challenging ourselves to offer new dining experiences to our community. We are thrilled to announce new family-style meals from Chef Jonathan Perno and the Campo team, available for curbside pickup Wednesday through Saturday from 4 pm until 6 pm. Simply order online the day before, and our culinary team will get to work preparing a meal that we hope will bring a little comfort to your table. We are so grateful for your support, which will continue to provide jobs to a small team of our chefs, restaurant staff and community of local farmers.

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New offerings at Campo

campo breakfast plates

Start the day at Campo

What better way to start the day than with an organic, creative meal at Campo. Our team of talented chefs have infused a new menu with fresh, local ingredients and rich New Mexican influences. 

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